Eyler Innovations / RammerRack

Installation of the RammerRack

(Do not bolt RammerRack to plastic bed liner)

1. Find an area on the truck bed or Metal Mounting Surface that is free of electrical wiring, gas tank, gas lines and main frame on the top surface and underneath. 

2. Using the RammerRack as a template, position it on the surface in the desired spot. Mark 4 of the 8 holes making sure one hole on each corner of the rack is used.

3. Remove rack and drill the pre-marked holes completely through the bed or surface.

4. Position the rack back on the drilled surface and line it up with the holes.

5. Slide the bolts through RammerRack and drilled holes, securely screwing each of the 4 bolts to the 4 metal brackets that have captured nuts and tighten securely in place.

6. During transportation, rammer must be secured with a pad lock.

7. To properly place your rammer into the RammerRack unit, open the locking bar fully and set rammer next to the unit with the shoe oriented as shown, then slide the rammer into place. You can damage your RammerRack if you attempt any other orientation. (Your actual shoe may vary)


Watch the installation video below and download the detailed Instruction Guide (PDF) for more information. Contact manufacturer for more details.